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Ternes solves the parts management headaches of supply chain managers by leveraging our creativity and flexibility in procurement services and Value Added Warehousing and Distribution.


We solve your supply chain headaches.

Ternes has been developing creative solutions for our customers since 1948. Our solutions will meet your requirements for quality and cost


Problems we can help solve:

"I've run out of space:" We provide warehouse space for mid- to- long-term storage of overflow parts and equipment.

"I have unproductive inventory spread across the country:" We offer consolidation and order fulfillment for slow moving inventory.

"I'm fighting low-cost aftermarket imports:" Our cost effective warehousing and distribution lets you offer Original Equipment aftermarket parts at a competitive price

"Returns are not my core focus:" We provide reverse logistics program design and management so you don't have to worry about returns.


Let us show you what we have done.

Our experience and capabilities allow us to "turn on a dime" to implement solutions to your problems.

Storage: Turned on a long-term 75,000 square foot storage program in 1 day - We were awarded the business in the morning and had an inventory management procedure in place to receive the first load in the afternoon.

Recalls: Implemented a high volume recall campaign - Processed 2,000,000 parts over 6 weeks with only a 2 week advanced notice.

Packaging: Developed an alternative packaging solution for heavy parts - Implemented a new shrink tunnel process for high-volume, heavy parts, reducing packaging costs by up to 50%.


We deliver results.

We measure our success by the results we provide to our customers and the long-term relationships we develop with them.

Growth: Helped one customer deliver month-on-month program growth for over 30 months.

Quality: Provide consistent quality levels that exceed our customers' requirements and surpass the competition.

Delivery: Achieve 100% on-time delivery.

Value: Continually look for creative and cost-effective opportunities to increase the value of our services.


Our customers and our industries.

We are proud of the customers that we serve. In many cases, our relationships go back more than a quarter century.

Allison Transmission



General Motors



Ternes started in automotive. As a southeast Michigan-based company, we are still very involved in the automotive industry. However, in recent years we have expanded our services into other industries. We now service a broad range of industries including:


Consumer Products