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Since 1948 Ternes has been a value added supplier providing supply chain management solutions to a variety of industries.

What exactly does this mean? This means that we help a variety of business meet their goals by optimizing organization and taking advantage of the latest logistic technologies. From product development to the final moment of a product being shipped to the customer; we can help you throughout all of these important stages.

Today, we’ve expanded to 11 facilities throughout southeast Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. We are made up of roughly 400 employees to date. Our combined warehouses have 1,000,000 square feet of space, shipping out over 11,000,000 pieces annually.

what we do

our standards

Our services have expanded quite a lot since we started supplying lumber in the 1900’s.We listen and engage with our customers’ needs.  We provide a mix of knowledge, experience, and new technologies. Our core management team has over 200 years of combined experience. It’s not an exception to have 20 and 30 year employees on our team.

our expansion

 With the expansion of our company comes the expansion of the services that we are able to provide. Since our inception, we’ve provided packaging and distribution services to a multitude of companies in different industries. This makes us a highly adaptive company that is always ready to take on the next challenge.

Full service solutions

With a full line of services and solutions, we are a one stop shop that will help you reach all of your goals. So, even if you haven’t noticed your specific industry or product mentioned here on our website, we can still potentially help you. It just takes a bit of communication with our team to get you on track!

new services

We now offer procurement and contract personnel, system design and IT support, inventory and quality control, warehousing and material handling, packaging and package engineering, cross docking and distribution, as well as assembly and remanufacturing. If you want to know in depth details about the services we offer, head over to the services page.


We are looking for talented and committed individuals who share our mission of being a value-added solutions provider for our clients.  

We have multiple positions available at multiple locations.

Please fill out the form completely and choose the job and location you are interested in.

Thank you for applying to Ternes. We appreciate your interest. 

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