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We make it our job to know where your products are, where they’re coming from, where they need to go, when they need to get there, how many are required and how many are available. Our fully automated inventory management system uses radio frequency technology and bar coding. This keeps paper waste and cost waste at a minimum. We have a full-time quality department to meet your quality needs. This means Ternes can assist you with whatever quality requirements you may have, from print layouts and part identification to part inspection.

Procurement and Contract Personnel

We will recruit qualified candidates and put them through pre-screening, testing and training. We are able to streamline identification and certification of new suppliers, price negotiations/cost reductions, tooling, monitoring and order expediting. Some related services that we provide include: quality control inspectors, administrative and clerical, inventory control, account management, and process managers.

inventory and quality control

Ternes can manage your inventory in your facility or in one of our own. We have over a million square feet of existing facility space where we can manage your entire parts operation. We will help you from start to finish, or just through specific aspects of it. Our expertise allows lower inventory, higher returns and more profit for you.

system design and it support

We provide efficient systems with quick inventory turnaround and minimized capital investment. Our state-of-the-art Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system and customized ERP inventory control system provide real-time reporting of inventory as it is received and shipped, as well as the inventory that’s moving throughout the facilities.

packaging and package engineering

Our in-house packaging engineers have the expertise to develop cutting edge packaging solutions, regardless of the size, shape, weight or material. We will work with your company’s product design engineers to make sure the solutions we provide fit your specifications. Our packaging solutions encompass many elements, including: productivity, aesthetics, costs, protection, package durability and the environment. Thanks to our state-of-the-art automated equipment, we can provide you with best-in-class results.

Cross Docking and Distribution

We can take product received from a supplier and deliver it directly to the customer or the next point in the distribution channel. We can provide value-added features to prepare your inventory for the next delivery point.

Assembly and Remanufacturing

We have years of experience when it comes to light assembly and contract packaging. Our solutions are flexible, cost effective and designed to satisfy various manufacturing operations. “Light assembly” includes gluing, tying, folding, labeling, collating, inserting, sealing, and packing. Outsourcing your product packaging and assembly to us provides value! This is because a variety of customized functions are integrated into one complete service.

Warehousing and Material Handling

We take the time to learn exactly how your business works. After that, we adapt our system process to meet your needs. We procure products, manage vendors, and apply Just In Time (JIT) warehouse and distribution methodology.

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